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Eastern borderlands

Eastern borderlands - Nowadays Lithuania is a marvolous green land covered by endless forests and thousands lakes the history of the country has over 1000 years and it belongs to the Baltic republics. Because of politic and administrative changes, at the turn of centuries, polish colonization migrate in this region of Europe. Now it is one of the Lithuanian minority. For sure each political changes in the country are not suitable and satisfactory for all people. In this case is the same. Polish comunity, that lives now in the borderlands, lives there involuntarily from different political transformations and besides of constant carousel of government and changes of nationality - borderlands people and their patriotism to past homeland is just unbelievable - also their personal features and inner spirit. We can't compare the expirience of their relatives - they are not equal. I won't tell here any examples because each of us knows what is it about. We can only wonder how much warmth, hospitality and other features are in those borderlands people - those features are like the foundations of their lifves.

  • Repatriates

    Polish experienced unprecedented in the newst history homeles fate