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Forgotten backwater

Each backwater was an enclave of living there people. They created unity as if they were one big family. They knew everything about themselves and they help each other immeasurably. There are no more societes like this in which people were so together. Unfortunately the autority system managed with this in very simple way. It was a dekret for the citizens about the estates. It wasn't acceptable. Which estate?. Estate of 5 ha field crops and 2 ha of forest - this was the wealt. In one way it was so. One part of arable field was forested. The minimum for survival was left. What happend with the inventory? No one was inerested in this insead of peasants and food problem - what will they give for livestock. So this wonderful , living together back water society, in a thougtful manner, was forced by authority to leave achievements of the whole life and migrate to a new one, to new reality which repeatedly wans't also a paradise. But hope ofen dominates on common sense and drive to improve better. It is always caused by thought about next generation.