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Inhibitants photo

Photographs of residents' everyday life - as I presened, they are combination of different, interesting, intentional and unintentional events.

The will to show the conditions of Polish minorities and is problemms with sins of discrimination that is very clear.

But their hospitality and warmth no one is able to match - it is one of the most valuable feature, that in today's world goes on second plan - today's society is directed, controlled or subjected to all kinds of general manipulation of information, is doomed to a large extent on an incorrect assessment of the situation surrounding us. It hence misunderstanding in the youth age of young people and is unfair.

This can translate into their adult's life. So I advice to keep abstinence from accepting diferent kinds of information through the prism of proper assessment and pigeonholed in our mind - only things that will be used in our future life, that will be trustworthy. This is my personal reflection if someone disagre with me I can accept this.