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  • Herb Niemenczyna (Small)[1].gif


  • Herb miasta Nowe Święciany

    New Svecionys

    New Święciany  -  as every town which long - gone glory passed away but the development was from XIX century

  • Herb Podbrodzia (Small)[2].png


    Pobrade is a city in Lithuania, in Svencionys district municipality, on Zeimena river, 38 kmsouth - west of Svencionys.


    Pobrade is a busy place a the Vilnius - Daugavpils railway is close to the city. It was quite a small settlement until the 19 th century, when the Varsaw - Saint Petersburg Railway was built in 1862. It is a center of polishculture on Lithuania.It belong to Poland till 1945.

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  • Herb Swiecian (Small)[1].jpg


  • Vilnus - St. peter and paul church interior


    Vilnius  -  Nothing to add nothing to deduct. Just wipe once with a city and the charm will be a memory for many  years  -  Welcome

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  • Trakai


    I invite you for short trip in Troki as a one of the most beautiful atraction of Lithuania. Only 28 km. from Vilnius and we are in the land of 32 marvalous lakes. But we should remember that it is a National Park.