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Monuments reconstruction

Narwiliszki - A village in the Municipal District Dieveniškės, Soleczniki district about 60 km southeast of Vilnius, within the so-called dziewieński bag - near the border with Belarus. Attraction and monument of the village is the Renaissance manor, fortityied, built in 1929. In the shadow of Manor is a beautiful church of Holy Virgin Mary of Mercy.

Additional to an ancient church is a bell tower. In front of the church stands the Chapel, which situation and passing time caused the slow devastation. And here came out a Vilnus craftsman Roman Doval who doesn’t reach out for financial support - for his own money and his own forces decided to do a project and make the restoration of the chapel-church. Apparently, such a trifle - Chapel in Narwiliszki. So nothing surprising about that?.

But why so few people decide for this, but really desire to do something large is so little. I was lucky enough to know this man, and indeed his character, disposition and inner peace and sincerity that speaks for itself. Also high praise for Roman Doval and let the eyes of all the locals and the newcomers going to Mass at the Church enjoy a view of the new look of a renovated chapel in the church.