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Interesting objects » Pabrade

First information about Pabradie came from XV century. In this time it was just a small village in which were no school till 1928. At the end of XIX  century the number of citizens has rosen because of the Warsaw - Saint Petersburg Railway.


Most of people were illiterate, richer people were going to school in Kiemieliszki. In 1905 in Bajorele village  / today it is a part of the city / was set a 3 years  school for begginers. Students of 1st, 2nd, 3rd class learnt in one room. Lessons were in russian language the exeption was Polish languagre  as a subject. During I World War a german lessons were introduced.


In 1919 Jozef Pilsudzki stopped on railway station in Pabrade while he was going to to his family chateau in Zuluw.The citizans of Pabrade ask the marshal to give them city rights. By exception this statement was made. During the II RP Pabrade was rural commune.


In  1928 people started to built a school. Money came from Jozef Pilsudzki fundation. They vere building the school for 3 years and it had a name of marshal Jozef Pilsudzki. It was a seven year school. Children were learnt R.E,History, Geography, Nature, Geometry, Drawings and singing. The headteacher was Antoni Duchniwich. When the Vilnius region was connected to Lithuania, in Pabrade Polish teahers were changed in to Lithuanian. Most of students left school because they did not know the lithuanian language