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Rusian art.




On of the most valuable russian art are russian icons that are very popular in the whole word. They are recognized as a sacral art and equated with greatness of tsarist in Russia.




  Icon as a sacral painting started in Byzantine culture and it was a way to imagine the saints, scenes from their lives, scenes from Bible or liturgical - symbolic. Icons are characteristic of the Christian churches including  Eastern  Orthodox  and Greek  Catholic.



  The oldest preserved  icons to our times come from VI cntury. Andrej Rublow is known as a gratest icon creator.



  Creating the icons was holyness in Russia. They usw linden or pine tree. For painting a binder beeswax was sarved, painted by the monks was a privilege and showed poverty.



  Icon was created in the monasteries of old Russia, born in prayer before proceeding required special posts, emerged in the form of a kneeling author.




For those who are interested in this topic I would like to show some photographs of icons from different parts of Russia.