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Interesting objects » Troki

A unique beauty you can see only in Troki.

Because of is location it is worth seeing place and place where you can taste the historical climat - and if someone find the guided tour there won't be anything better than the medieval gothic castle on the island of the Galve lake.

The castle was build during the reign of grand lithuanian duke Kiejtut and his son - Vitold. In that time the grand duchy of Lithuania was the biggest european country. It is said that the greatness of Lithuania began and finished with him. Troki are the huge historical and archeological wealth. The curiosity of Troki are folk people - Karaite- they were brought to Lithuania in XIV century by duke Vitold . In case of protection the castle's majestic.

Duke Vitold trusted theam and they were allowed to set clusters, build sanctuaries, preserving the religious and nationality traditions / people of turkish orgin brought from Crimea / .They were faithful protection of princley retinue. To this day we can find their descendants.

From intereset or legends it was said that during the battle of Grunwald, trops under the banner of duke Vitold distinguished themselves not so much in warfare - On the fest issued after the battle in honor of the victory, where were a lot of guests , Duke Vitold was greatly remembered. Below photos complement the content, for all interested in this region of Lithuania, presented very briefly.