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Interesting objects » Vilnius

Why Vilnus city is so interesting place ?


Short history of Vilnius and what is worth seeing in this beautiful city.

The oldest records came from year 1323 when Gediminas was a king, who built a castle - residence on the Castle Hill.


Wladyslaw II Jagiełło gave the city municipal rihght  / year 1387 /  after the babtism of Lithuania.  Than a union was created between Lithuania and Poland.

The city started to develop, a lot of guilds were arisen. In years 1503 - 1522  city was surrounded by walls with three towers and nine gates. They were destroyed in years 1799 - 1805  except the Miedniecka  Gate also called the Gate of Dawn  / Ostra Brama /.


From year 1544 Zygmunt II August was in Vilnius with his court. The city of Vilnius was developing very fast in this time. In 1578 King Stefan Batory assumes an academy that was run by Jesuits - Vilnius University. The city became a wery important center of scientific thought, religion and politics.


A very serious fall for the city was during moscow*s occupation which lasted six years, to year 1660.