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Samowar - For some of us thing without a value - For others something amazig - The soul of family meetings, fest - nice and sad, omnipresent. Without Samovar we couldn't imagine long, stormy chats and rural scenes.

Whether peasant or lord - it's without difference, no one could live without it - As the long and breadth Russia is, as people use it in long journeys. The cellebration of tea drinking was always with samovar - sometimes small but always functional. Also the value of samovar has got different dimmensions, that thing modern tea lover will never understand. Ii is said that from samovar tea tastes better, there always be someone with different opinion.

But it's not a point. In modern word that is connescted with rush to live. Where? In my opinion nowhere - and prepearing the tea beverage in traditional way is not an interesting thing. We can hear - jt's a waiste of time. I don't know why waist of time? - But not less, I invite you for some tea from real Rusian samovar.

For customers interested in some models of samovars there is possibility of selling or exchange.